Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Squash

I had an awesome workout today. I was feeling kinda tired after class, so I drank some coffee before leaving the office. And yeah, it was crappy Korean insta-coffee, but it must have had some kind of magic pixie dust in there because I felt great at the gym. It was one of those days where each set left me feeling like I had more energy, not less. So I lifted for over an hour and then went downstairs to hit the squash court. My squash-buddy (whose name I can't recall, oopsie! she works in the office at my school though) wasn't there today, so I just started hitting by myself. Now, I wish that I could've had a facility like this for tennis back in the day, but I guess squash is a much easier sport to play by yourself. Since, you know, you're in a room and all... the ball pretty much always comes back to you no matter what you do.

Well, a squash ball doesn't actually bounce very well. It's hollow, soft rubber. And no, not like a bouncy-ball rubber... squishy... dare I say, even squashy? Ha... But anywho, you really have to whale on this thing to get it to come back all the way to where you're standing. Or hit it really high, I guess, but that ain't nearly as much fun. Naturally, when you do haul off on it, it comes back pretty damn quickly. I'd say, without a partner, it works out to like a shot every two seconds or so. Maybe once every three -- I wasn't actually counting. Although I will, now that I've thought about it. But yeah, that gets tiring quick, yo. I was trying to work on my backhand, which is definitely my weaker side. And it's even harder with the squash ball than in tennis, because the low-bouncing ball means you're always having to lunge and bend your knees and hit from about mid-shin level. It's quite a workout. I ended up hitting for almost an hour, until my forearms basically threw down their goggles, took their ball and went home.

And no -- squash players don't wear goggles, but I really think they should.

That's it for me tonight. I'm chillin like a villain at home, and I'll probably be going to bed soon.

Weeds is back! I watched the first episode of season 5 and it reminded me how much I loved the earlier ones, so I'm working through season 1 again now. I'm also checking out True Blood... mostly because Anna Paquin gets nakie. We'll see if it's any good. You know, the show. I'm sure that other thing is just peachy.

I really didn't have anything to say about vegetables, gourds or otherwise. Sorry for the misleading title.

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