Friday, September 11, 2009

Bullet points are my friend

Swine Flu
  • Currently not teaching; the Global center is on hiatus due to swine flu concerns. Not sure who's concerned, but somebody, somewhere, is really freaking out about this.
  • Instead of teaching, they have us doing other things. Grading papers, helping out the homeroom teachers, what have you. Yesterday, we weeded the garden beside the parking lot. I hope we can just go back to teaching soon.
  • We have a new foreign teacher. Leland from Minnesota. He arrived last Saturday but hasn't been able to come to school yet. He's in quarantine. Apart from that, he's a pretty cool guy.
  • Of course, they encouraged me and the other English-speaking teachers to help him out, hang out, whatever. And then, you know, come to school. Defeat the purpose much?
  • Tonight Mi Sun and Mi Jin are coming over for Korean dinner night at my house. Mi Sun's cooking japchae. I'm excited!
  • We had an awesome cookout last Saturday at the school. Someone had shot and killed a wild boar, so we grilled that bad boy up. Lots of beer and soju and wild swine. At school, mind you. Awesome.
  • Less than 2 months till I get to make my visa run to Fukuoka, Japan. More information coming on this later.
  • A little more than 3 months till I get to make my vacation run to America. The more I think about this, the more excited I'm getting. More info etc. coming later.
  • Things with the girl are awesome.
  • I'm hungry.
  • Been spending more time listening to Korean music... especially riding in the car. I'm really tired of K-pop. It's like, I always kinda hated it. But it's just so damn catchy, that you end up singing the only 3 lines you can understand from a god-awful song for like 2 solid days.
  • I accidentally got some bleach/detergent spots on my green stripey polo shirt that I like when it was in the wash. Those spots are now exactly the same shade of sky blue as one of the stripes. Win. Too bad they're random and on the sleeve. Still, it surely won't prevent me from wearing it.
  • Don't call me Shirley.


Marisa said...

Don't you know you might get the swine flu from the wild swine you roasted? lol. j/k People are going nuts here too, but at least the schools are still open.

Anonymous said...

who is "the girl" i've been reading about. is it mi sun?

Nathan said...

Hi there, I came across your blog while researching a teaching job in Korea. The job is in Notap-ri, Janghowon-eup, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. I haven't quite figured out how the "-eup -si" labels work. I can find Notap-ri on google maps and it looks pretty rural. I saw you were in Janghowon-si. Is this close to the same place?

Sean said...

risa -- thanks for reading! i'll write more soon guys, i mean it!

anon -- shhh... but yes!

nathan -- as far as i can tell, notap-ri is really close to janghowon. we're definitely in the sticks out here. you can put them both on the same google map, just change the notap-ri to janghowon-ri. although, the pinpoint thing is a bit off. we're the relatively big (though still small) town there next to the river. so we're probably a long walk/short bus ride away from notap. it's a nice little area, relaxed and slow... but only an hour and a half to seoul by bus if you wanna party on the weekend.