Wednesday, March 10, 2010

OK -- time for a little perspective

I realize that last post sounded pretty whiny and bitchy. Well, I guess I was in a bad mood. I definitely feel better since classes started this week. Not suffering under the soul-crushing boredom I'd been growing accustomed to. Yep, I totally just used the words soul-crushing. I like hyperbole. Deal with it.

I got my class materials for TESOL Certification. Should be able to rip this out in a couple weeks... once I download the test I have 24 hours to complete and submit it. I've always been pretty good at test-taking anyway... and also, it is entirely open-book. I could probably go ahead and do the thing right now and be ok. Meh, what the hell, I guess I'll spend a few days actually learning something first. I ain't got much else going on anyway.

Don't know if you guys are still reading this (or if anyone is, come to that), but congrats to Stu-dawg on getting accepted into 3 law schools thus far. I didn't actually talk to him or read the blog to find out if more are on the way, but 3 outta ... um, probably lots, but anyway, it still ain't bad. So way to go man.

This Sunday is White Day in Korea. On Valentine's Day I got chocolates from the girl, so this Sunday is my day to reciprocate. Apparently non-chocolate candy is the norm, but Mi Sun informs me that if I'm at all attached to our relationship, I will ignore this mandate from the masses and just buy the damn chocolate. So, chocolate it is. Other acceptable gifts apparently include white chocolate, white candy/mints, marshmallows (which I gotta say, I've never actually seen here... hm) and white lingerie. Also, apparently, it's considered cute to the point of hurling to buy a special matching outfit to wear when you're out on your White Day date. Well, it's not just for White Day. Korean couples do this all the time, but I guess even if you don't normally do it, White Day is like, a good day to start. Or something. It's like guys who never want to be seen buying flowers for their girlfriend in the States don't feel so self-conscious on V-day because everyone's doing it. Now, I know this sounds a little gay to you, and I totally agree with you, but I'm still fucking doing it. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to wear matching clothes with my girlfriend and not be mercilessly ridiculed. It's gonna happen. End of story.

I made an awesome chicken fried rice for dinner tonight. Orange and red bell peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, broccoli and chicken all sauteed in sesame oil, mixed in with rice in the skillet, and then hit near the end with soy sauce and eggs. Damn was it good. My regrets are twofold: I totally forgot to put onion in there (oops!) and I wish I would have used more broccoli. That was my favorite part and there just wasn't enough of it.

Just a short post today, trying to get back in the swing of writing more. Let's hope it takes this go-round. I gotta study my TESOL stuff now. Whoo-ee.


jacksonbaby said...

Well, how did you find out? Anyway, thanks for the well wishes!

jacksonbaby said...

Oh, and thank you for doing the matching outfits. I will definitely need a picture of that! And they will have to be the gayest ones out there.
Stu didn't really apply to that many schools. Right now he's been accepted to 3 out of 7 but hasn't heard anything from 2. You should call him sometime!

Sean said...

Amanda the 1st -- When I sign into blogger I get like previews of new posts from people I'm following. The title and first paragraph or so. I just saw that. So there. =Þ

Amanda the 2nd -- we'll see. I don't know exactly what she's looking for, so I can't guarantee the specific gayness level yet. I will get some pictures for you though, promise. I'll try to give you guys a call this weekend maybe. We're celebrating St. Pat's this weekend, turns out. One of my friends got some green food coloring, so we're gonna make our own green beer at the bar. Whoo-ee!

jacksonbaby said...

Stu here. Three out of 9 so far. Still waiting on Texas Tech, Pittsburgh, and Washington and Lee. Good to hear from you. UH rejected me and Case Western (better school) gave me a scholarship. Go figure.