Tuesday, February 24, 2009


From me? Whoda thunkit, right? Ha... So, yeah. I'm having a productive Tuesday, so far. Let's see, I did sleep in, a bit, but I'm on vacation. It's ok. Today, I went to the gym and had a really nice workout... I dialed back a bit on the weight so I could lift for more than 20-25 minutes. Good choice, on my part. I made it through all the exercises I wanted to do, except this lower back one that I had to short a set, and my last set of bicep curls didn't really get, y'know, finished. But I tried, and I feel pretty good. It's warmer here today than it's been since, I mean, winter started. I also got my haircut, washed my dishes, cleaned out my fridge, bagged and prepared all the trash for recycling, and now I'm onto laundry. Whoo-ee! Oh, also, I got some Korean books from Jill, so I've started studying Korean, for real now. Like, grammar and stuff. So yeah, there's still a chance that I'll actually be able to converse in Korean by the time I get out of here, and it's no longer necessary! Go me...

All in all, it's been a good day so far! Tonight I got no plans... I'll probably just chill at the house, read, and rest up so I can hit the gym again tomorrow. :)

Oh, and it turns out it was a good thing that I didn't plan an extra vacation during this "time off," because my coteacher called me around 12:30 today and informed me that I have to work on Thursday! Like... really? Just like that, huh? So when you told me a while back that I'd have 2 weeks off, and then pointed to March 2nd on the calendar and said this is when you'll have to work again, you were just kiddin, huh? Guessing? Approximating? Guesstimating? Anyway, this is a fairly common meme here in Korean, and I'm not angry about it. Amused, yeah... bemused even. But whateva... no harm, no foul. I just have to work, is all... I guess I can handle that.

So, I've been trying to follow the American news as much as possible, and from what I can tell, things are bad, mmkay? But the Korean economy must be in much worse shape than ours, because the exchange rate has gotten ridiculously bad in the past week. Well, good if you want to come here and spend dollars, but bad for those of us cursed with the Korean currency. Not sure why, but I really hope this turns around soon... and especially before I have to come home with all this Korean money.

I really am going to finish the Scuba diving tale, I promise. Keep looking for it. One day, when you're ready, it will reveal itself to you.

I think I'm gonna check out the DMZ tour this weekend (thanks for reminding me, Emily!). I'm not really sure what all that entails, but I think we get to see some old military installations, walk around a bit, and from what I hear, I may even get to set foot in North Korea! :) Yeah, I know, bad idea, right? Well, that's probably true, but word is that you enter this building that straddles the border, and inside the building you can run over really quickly, wave, get your picture taken, and then jump back before they have a chance to shoot you. Or something like that, but probably not quite as death-defyingly awesome. I'll be sure to let ya'll know.

Gotta go be more productive! Peace.

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jacksonbaby said...

Sounds exciting! I think I need to start reading from the beginning of your musings because I am lost as to how the Korean school year works...