Monday, February 9, 2009

Some Totally Random Thoughts

I get to go to my 6th graders' graduation ceremony on Wednesday. I'm supposed to wear a suit; regardless, it should be fun! I'll try to take some pictures for you guys.

Tiger Woods' wife Elin gave birth to a son today -- anyone wanna lay odds on this kid's chances to win the Masters within the next 30 years? I mean, hell, I'd take 10-1 on his daughter winning it...

I'm really nervous about this teaching gig I got starting in March. I will have two extra classes (Basic: 1st-3rd, and Advanced: 4th-6th) twice a week for the entire school year... anyone out there believe I'm qualified for this? Because if you do, I'd like to hear about it! For one thing the difference in skills and classroom behavior, not to mention activities that might appeal to these kids, is huge between 4th and 6th grades. And 1st to 3rd grade, come on. These first graders won't know anything -- I'll have to start with the alphabet! That's gonna be really exciting for my 3rd graders who've had a full school year of English already plus extra classes! I feel like I'm being set up to fail, and I'm not really sure what to do about it. Any suggestions?

A lot of my friends are either pregnant or have just had a kid... when will I find my baby factory? Er... I mean, you know, beloved bride?

No one's commented on this blog in quite a while. Except Emily -- thanks, honey! That's not really why I'm doing this, I guess, but it sure was nice to know that people were interested in what I had to say... Or, at least cared enough about me to give the appearance of interest! I'm not picky about which of those is true, frankly, but I'm feeling a little low on the self-confidence meter. So, ya know, step it up, bitches!

OK -- that's all for now. I'm going to try to get back to posting as regularly as possible, so keep on clicking!


Stu-Dawg said...

I can't speak for others but when I get a chance (about once a week) I always catch up on how you're doing. Sorry to hear the old dobber is down, but by all means, I am interested. As for that English deal, no one is more qualified than you to teach the language...unless it's me. Hehehe.

Any rate, I don't believe in people setting others up to fail - that is, on the whole - I don't think it happens. It will be difficult playing to an audience with various strengths, but you can handle it. You've just got to find a good mid-point and add some activities to challenge the more experienced kids from time to time. I'll ask Amanda if she has any activity ideas for you.

I liked reading your Australian Open post. Started sounding a little like "Who's on First?" Who ended up winning that one? Keep writing and I'll keep reading.

Marisa said...

Yeah, I'm reading it too. lol. I just don't have any pointers on teaching english as I'm consumed by trying to learn spanish right now (the tex-mex one, not true spanish). lol. best of luck! keep writing!
ps: hi stu!

Anonymous said...

I read all the time but you already knew that. I usually give you my opinion via e-mail or phone. Don't stop. Except for maybe the ones that scare me a little-mom.

emily said...

with the babies, is there a korean co-teacher who is doing most of the work? The hard stuff? If so, you get to play games. Alphabet matching, capital and lowercase letters - think go fish; spin the bottle to ask/answer a question; Down the row, ask/answer - you ask: what's your name? they answer and ask the next person.
that's all I've got for now, but I'll let you know if I think of some more.

If you want, i can send you the email of my co-teacher from Korea. She loved working with little kids and had some good ideas.

big love!

Sean said...

aw, thanks guys! i appreciate it.

stu, i checked out yours and amanda's blog -- good stuff! i like hearing about the little one, and i'm glad everyone's happy and healthy! and re: the tennis, nadal won and then went on to beat federer in another 4 and a half hour, just amazing match. good shit!

risa -- thanks! good luck with the language... haha. if there's anything you need, don't hesitate to ask. not me, of course, but someone who knows! ;)

momma, i know you're reading. thanks for the comment though. i'll try to stop scaring you, i mean, ya know. yeah, we'll work on that. :)

em, thanks for the advice. that's pretty much what i was doing before, but this school year i'm doing extra classes by myself. well, i think the library assistant is going to be there too, to help, but i have to find textbooks and do a whole year's (basically) worth of curriculum. i think they're expecting a little more than just the games and stuff, but frankly i'm not entirely sure. i'll keep you posted though, and if you think of anything else that might help, by all means, let me know!

thanks for reading! :) i'll have a new post up tomorrow, hopefully!

Anonymous said...

Just keep it coming, like who the hell else ya gonna talk to. Hey , I'm surprised I'm reading it, let alone writing. Since I don't ( know how) have a user & p word Just call me , uncle Tony.

Anonymous said...

Just keep it coming, like who the hell else ya gonna talk to. Hey , I'm surprised I'm reading it, let alone writing. Since I don't ( know how) have a user & p word Just call me , uncle Tony.

emily said...

perhaps more consistent blogging would lead to more consistent commentary. :P