Wednesday, November 12, 2008

1st Day Teaching

I'm exhausted. I was led to believe that Korean kids are more mature than American kids of the same age. Today... well, I guess I learned that's true. Korean 6th-graders act like 8th-graders in the states. I mean, they're rude, obnoxious, energetic, crazy... well, I still had fun. My job is very easy, except for the students. Just do little presentations about (fictional) Icheon Airport, where the students depart on a flight to E Island (English Island) to learn English for travel words and things like foods and drinks, how to take taxis and get hotels and stuff. It's repetitive... I had written "but at least" after that, and then couldn't think of any redeeming qualities to follow that up. So, let's just leave it at that. It's repetitive.

Last night, I ate my first home-cookin here in Korea, and it was just as tasty as can be. The English teacher down at the elementary school, whose name I think is Miss Choi (sorry if you're reading this, but hey! come tell me your name sometime), *update* her name is not Miss Che -- it's Mi Jin Kim (sorry) cooked dinner for me and four other teachers. We had samgyeupsal -- some sort of pork wrapped in lettuce with rice and uncooked hot (really freaking hot! i mean, eyes-watering, sweating, choking hot) peppers. Fantastico!

I also just got my first lesson in Korean today from Boil. I learned how to say the Korean alphabet. Well, part of it. And I think "learned" might be an exaggeration -- he said it, and I repeated it, and then promptly forgot it. I think I might recognize about 5 characters, so only like 20~ to go... whoo-ee!

That's it for today, because these kids really wore me out. Tomorrow, the South African girl who brought her classes today will bring all the really bad kids, or so she tells me. So, um, wish me luck. Annyong-hi kaseyo!

Today, Sean is an exhausted Korean.


emily said...

YUM!!!!! I think more than anything else, I miss Korean food. I'm glad you don't have to go through the acquiring that I had to in order to like kimchi.
Next on your Korean food adventure: bon-dae-gi
not really try man-doo, or chi-gae, or sin-doo-boo, my personal favorite.
And - dae-na-mu, dong-dong-ju and have them with pajeon, Korean pancake. YUM!! I'm jealous.

Eat enough for me and then join a gym.
much love. :P

Sean said...

Wow... that's a lot of info, but i'll do my best to work my way down the list! Thanks honey!

I'll be sure to keep you posted on my culinary adventures -- bet you can't wait to hear my tantalizing descriptions of all this food you can't get! HA! I win! =)

emily said...

whatever!! You don't win. I live in Chicago, there's Korean here, I just have to look harder.

Wait until you've been there a while and I start describing all the foods you can't get.

Like burritos. Ha. I win! :P

Sean said...

Yeah, except your burritos don't have any meat in them -- I still win, because my powerful carnivorous body could crush your weak little veggie-fueled self like a bug. Yeah... what's up now? :Þ

emily said...

As if!! I'm faster, not to mention meaner than you. :P
Give it 2 months, you'll be begging for my veggie filled goodness. If you're lucky, maybe I'll send you a box for St. Patrick's day. If you're lucky. and I remember.