Friday, November 21, 2008

A Resume

I was lying in bed last night in my brand new apartment, and I was feeling a little lonely. Not sure why, but probably it's just a reaction to the foreign environment. Anyway, I was feeling kinda down, so I decided to start consciously thinking about something positive, instead of only semi-consciously waffling over vaguely perceived and ill conceived negativities. Yeah, that's what I thought. =)

So I came up with a mental list of some of the amazing things I've seen and done (or not seen or done, depending on who's reading) in my years of wandering the planet so far. Here's a partial reconstruction of my sheep counting:

I have been lost in Venice
I have climbed the highest mountain on the Isle of Skye (not that impressive, but fun)
I have tried (and failed) to catch a sheep with my bare hands
I have watched the sunrise from the steps of the Sacre Coeur in Paris
I have attended Latin mass at the Duomo in Florence
I have gotten a crick in my neck looking at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
I have walked the Champs Elysees
I have hopped over a barrier, climbed down a ways, and sat undisturbed by the crowds in the Grand Canyon
I have jumped out of a plane near the Gulf of Mexico south of Houston.
I have bought hash (legally) in Lisbon, smoked it (legally) in Salamanca, and cooked brownies with it (pseudo-legally) in a dormitory kitchen in Glasgow
I have smelled the rose garden at the top of the Boboli Gardens in Florence
I have bought "Philosophers' Stone" mushrooms from a corner store in Amsterdam -- they were next to the milk
I have relieved myself in the ancient Roman Forum.
I have hidden something inside a little cabinet in the Notre Dame de Paris
I have swum (or at least gotten my feet wet) in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans; Gulf of Mexico; Caribbean, Adriatic, Mediterranean Seas; and Loch Ness
I have drunk a Bahama Mama... in the Bahamas
I have played my trumpet (with a jazz ensemble) at the Presidential Palace in Nassau
I have seen both sunrise and sunset over the Painted Desert in Arizona
I have rooted for the St. Louis Cardinals at Wrigley Field in Chicago
I have galloped a horse down a country lane, in central Spain (mainly on the plain)
I have threatened a Mexican in Spanish to get back a friend's money after he was robbed in a Tijuana bar
I have crammed myself into a guard's booth outside Edinburgh Castle with 5 other people
I have walked around Eilean Donan Castle, ancestral home of Clan MacRae
I have been to the top of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, and to the cupolas of the Duomo in Florence and St. Peter's in Rome
I have road-tripped to a football bowl game to root for my Houston Cougars
I have watched REAL flamenco dancing in the Gypsy Caves in Grenada
I have toured the Alhambra
I have vomited out the window of a moving train in Portugal, because I was too drunk to find the bathroom
I have played poker with NFL players
I have shaken hands with Sir Anthony Hopkins
I have jumped off a cliff into a river, not once but twice; the second time, since the river was only about 4 feet deep, I used a grappling hook and a tree limb to swing into it sideways, thus preventing death. Ta-da!
I have spent like 2 hours writing all these down, over the course of today, so now I'll quit.

Today, Sean is an introspective Korean, but not bragging, believe it or not. Well, maybe a little, but the list of things I'd like to see and do during the next ten years is just as long, or longer. Highlights would include running with the bulls in Pamplona, hiking up to Machu Picchu, and of course, marrying and starting a family! I'm not all selfish, ya know...


Anonymous said...

That's quite a resume. I thought you had more pictures to post. And don't forget to get me your address. Love you-mom

Shan said...

You're always up for an adventure, that's for sure! Kudos and cheers to adding more things to your resume!

emily said...

Machu Picchu --> I'm thinking summer 2010.

Sean said...

nice! hope you make it down there... i'm looking at going to south africa for the world cup that summer! hey -- we'll be in the same hemisphere! maybe we can meet up. =)