Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quick update from school

Fun things I've seen/done since my last post:

Eaten at Isaac -- the sandwich place. Holy god, was it good! "Hot Chicken VIP" is like $2 and it is chicken, cheese, fried egg, hot sauce and coleslaw (every sandwich comes with the slaw...?) and it is just super.

Taken a massage -- for like $50, a Chinese girl massaged me for an hour and a half... also, there was green tea, a heated table, kick-ass massage clothes (like, funny little brown gym shorts and a beige baseball-t with brown sleeves -- i mean, just classic), apple juice, a foot bath... really really nice. can't wait to do that again!

Walked around Suwon -- one of the largest cities in Korea, ~2 million people. I think I walked around the residential part of town, because it was just packed with giant apartment buildings. In Korea, instead of making one giant apartment building, companies make 10 or 15 or more that all look identical to each other, and put them in little arrangements. Boil told me that to buy one of these tiny apartments in Suwon can cost the equivalent of $3-400K; in Seoul, it can be twice that. But to rent one, apparently, you just deposit like $100K with the landlord, live there for a couple years, and then when you move out you get your deposit back. I tried to ask how the landlords make their money, but all I could gather was they invest the deposit to make enough money to pay their mortgage... seems like a strange system to me, because I'm used to paying actual rent. So, yeah... I'll look into this further.

Gotten drunker than a monkey -- Tuesday night I went out to dinner with Boil and the 4th-grade teacher, Mr. Han. I think his name is Sang Yeop. Sure... =) Anyway, we had "shop shop" or "shabu shabu," not sure which is the correct transliteration. We also had wine, and soju, and beer. Then we went to a bar and had more beer, with some little plates of bar food. Cuttle fish, I think... it has tentacles, and kinda looks/tastes like calamari, but not fried. Also, very very spicy, so it goes well with the beer. Then, 2 more teachers showed up so we proceeded to get drunk. With a capital DRUNK. When they left just before midnight, I in my drunken stupor found yet another bar on the way home, so naturally, I stopped in for a nightcap... at least, I think that's what happened. Bottom line is I woke up naked, having left the door to my room unlocked and all the lights and the TV on. Why was the TV on? Who knows...

Seen (accidental?) crossdressers -- not one but two guys wearing what I can only assume were Victoria's Secret "PINK" hoodies. One of them was also wearing grey "PINK" pants and carrying what looked like a purse. Maybe it was a European carryall, though.

Applied for my Foreigner Registration Card -- OK, this wasn't fun, but necessary. Anyway, it's done and that makes me happy. =)

OK -- off to class. Thanks for playing! Game over! Please insert 1 or more coins to continue.


emily said...

Shabu Shabu!!! Yum!!!

Yes, as a man, you will be asked to make merry with the other men at work. This includes drinking and will likely mean a trip to the noraebang in the near future. Fun times!!!

And I'd bet money that they can all drink you under the table. :P

Sean said...

That's entirely possible, about the drinking, I mean. I can't wait for the noraebang -- karaoke, for the uninitiated. I have to say in my own defense, however, that I did drink more than they did on this particular occasion.

Oh yeah!