Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And the winner is...

Not me. Boo...

Just got home not too long ago from the tennis tournament -- I played doubles with Mr. Bae, who is really freaking good. We got 2nd place! =) And before you get too excited for me, let me assure you that we got 2nd place in spite of my contribution, not because of it. We ended up playing 4 sets against different doubles teams... and that's about twice the number of sets I've played in the last... let's say, 7 years combined. So yeah... I'm pretty beat. The serve quit on me at some point in the 3rd match, and with the foot blisters, the thumb blister, and general out-of-shapeness, I was fairly useless in the championship. I did have fun though.

After the awards ceremony (I got a wristband, 2 pairs of sport socks, and some tape to go on the grip of my [non-existent] racket), most of us went out for sam gyeop sal... and this restaurant was really good too.... So we ate, and had soju and beer of course, for a couple of hours. And now I'm home, and I'm tired.

But congrats to the Ihwang school team! 2nd Place! Yea! =)

It was cold today, too. And windy. If I had a tub, I'd soak in it. Oh well... life is full of small disappointments. Right then... I'm off to bed.

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