Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ceramics... thrilling

I promised to update ya'll on the recent cultural seminar I had to attend. It turns out there's not much to tell. If you read my prior blog you'll know basically what went down. Actually, this one was a bit less useful, as it was only a few hours long and we didn't get to make kimchi. We did, however, get to watch videos about Korean culture and make (more) ceramic pottery.

The really cool part of this (and yes, the only cool part) was that apparently, the practice of the first time paid off! Because not only did I pound flat into a base, roll out into evenly-shaped sides, and smooth down into something resembling clay able to be spun properly on a wheel, but when I took it to the guy doing the spinning, he said "oh, very nice!" And I giggled like a schoolgirl. Actually, I didn't, but I thought about it. Whatever. So, I'm guessing that in another couple of months I'll have another little vessel to bring home and show off to the grandkids. The first one, in case you've forgotten, turned out really well, and is currently home to a bamboo plant that I got from Jill.

Shifting gears for a bit, let me just throw this out there. Go Cards! 2nd best record in the majors... El Hombre, Thudwick, and Franklin (6 saves in as many chances) all kickin ass... hell yes! And the Bullies -- playing a freaking epic series against Boston right now in the NBA playoffs... sure the C's are without their best player (and leader, and best defender) but still, the baby Bulls are growin up before our eyes. I like it. Also, congrats to the Blackhawks, winning a playoff series for the first time in more than a decade.

And that's all I've got to say about that. Just a little light reading for ya'll today... but come back real soon, ya hear?

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Riley Bear said...

All this talk of pottery. Is this the movie Ghost? Are you and Demi Moore doing a seduction scene when the wheel keeps going and clay flies all over the place? Ha Ha.

Go Cards!!! (They are going to win their division this year I just know it)

Go Rockets! (Made it to the second round and still have a chance against the Lakers, albeit a small one)