Friday, April 24, 2009

My eyebrow hurts

Yeah. You read that right. It's really bizarre, and I have absolutely no idea what's going on. It's not like, a sharp pain, but the skin there is just overly sensitive, all of a sudden. It's just the left one, I mean... I dunno, and like, even touching my eyebrow hair kinda hurts. Anyone ever have this sudden stinging eyebrow pain? Got any suggestions? Should I pluck it or shave it? Rub some kind of salve or balm on it? Not that I have those things here in my apartment, ye ken... Well, as always, your thoughts are welcome.

In high school, I accidentally hit my girlfriend in the face with a can of "A Taste of Thai" coconut milk, and it made this fairly large and impressive bleeding gash right smack in the middle of her eyebrow. I felt terrible, but it turned out ok in the end. The coconut milk ended up being a birthday present, many times over, and went on to have lots and lots of wonderful adventures. These were chronicled in pictures (of him playing tennis, going to church, having a picnic, driving a car, you get the idea) and tales of lost love, bitterness, desperation and redemption. Yes, the story was written, and illustrated, and bound. It even had Cliff's Notes. Also, I believe the coconut milk acquired (or possibly produced on his own through some kind of substantive-ideation power like in Michael Crichton's "Sphere") a set of instructions for getting the most enjoyment out of him... note that the instructions specifically requested that you not consume him in any way. I often wonder what ever happened to that violent yet lovable little guy. I think he was gifted to an out of town friend and went west to seek his fortune.

No, I am absolutely not making any of this up. I had some interesting friends in high school, yo. Every single statement in that last paragraph is factually accurate, set my watch and warrant on it.

Well, maybe the eyebrow tingling is the coconut milk's way of telling me through his as-yet-undetected tele-psycho-kinesis, that he misses me too. And he's thinking about me. And that, even though we've parted ways and each had our trials and tribulations, our successes and failures, our loves and losses, that we've never really lost each other. True friendship, he says, transcends borders, mountains, and oceans. It bridges time. It takes the best parts of each of you and holds them connected in the ether, recognizing no limits or physical laws of distance or separation. You know, like the internet.


Anonymous said...

loved this post, and I do remember that coconut milk. Read Angela's story and Tim's cliff's notes.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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