Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Movin up in the world...

I've been added to the Korean Blog List. Thanks, guys. If you're anxious to read more about this magical place, go check it out sometime. They've asked me to link back to their page, since they're now linking to mine, so it's over there ==> on the right side somewhere. It's mostly just other foreign teachers living here and writing about life, as far as I can tell. Some of their lives are much more interesting than mine though. If you're here trying to live vicariously through someone else, you could probably do better than me... I'm just sayin.

I think there's also a section for foreign language exchanges, if anyone would like to start learning Korean. You know, from a hot Korean girl. Or guy, I guess. Whichever... I ain't here to judge.

It's another beautiful day here -- sunny, probably around 70 degrees! Perfect for some outdoor shopping in downtown Icheon... so I gotta go get ready. Mi Sun will be here any minute now. Peace out, homies.

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Anonymous said...

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