Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A whole lotta nothin...

Well, not much to report, actually. I feel like I always open up this page thinking that and then type a freakin novel, but really this time.

Let's see -- Jill's gone. She hopped a plane to Bali this morning. I haven't heard of any horrific fiery (or watery) plane crashes, so I'm assuming she made it alright. She gave me a bunch of stuff before she left. Here's a list. I like lists.

I got 4kgs of rice, minus 2 cups which we ate at her house this weekend. Also, some tea, glasses, coffee mugs, bowls, a mixing bowl, an awesome bamboo cutting board, a little pot (ha... not that kind), some black pepper, vanilla, flour, spaghetti, 2 bamboo plants, dish soap, hand soap, laundry soap, and some chewing gum. I feel like I'm missing some things, even... safe to say she's awesome.

Also, we went to Seolbeong park on Saturday afternoon to hang out with Laura, who's also leaving in a couple of weeks. Laura doesn't drink, unless a) it's a special occasion and b) she's outdoors. So she suggested we get some soju and go sit in the park and drink. So, we did! And it was good... beautiful day, good booze. We even had a group of Korean kids come up and hang out with us for a while. The conversation was a little slow, but they were trying with the English, and we were using our very limited Korean, so it was fun. Oh, and Laura gave me her wireless router! That's good. The router setup page is in Korean. That's bad.

It's been raining for most of the last two days here. Well, to be specific, it started raining about 3 minutes after I left the house (sans umbrella) on Monday, and then continued this weird sort of persistent drizzle all day and night and most of the morning. Since then it's just been kinda grey and cloudy. I'm not sure what's the status of the tennis tournament tomorrow, what with the playing on clay and all and it probably being more of a muddy quagmire than a tennis court right now, but I guess I'll bring my tennis apparel just in case. For the record, my tennis apparel includes some 8-year-old adidas casual shoes I bought in Spain, a Seabrook Middle School tennis t-shirt I got from Shan with the sleeves cut off, and some green pants where the pant legs zip off into shorts. And I'm mostly using those because they have pockets. Yeah, I'm prepared, alright.

Light week this week at the Global Center. I had regular school classes yesterday, only my after-school classes today (I mean, you know, nothing until after 2pm), normal days tomorrow and Thursday, and then nothing on Friday. No school, no Global Center, no after school classes. Mi Sun mentioned that we might not have to come in at all on Friday, which would rock.

Randomness: Every time I go to type the words "Global Center," I always type a capital B first, for some reason, then have to delete it and very deliberately hit the G key. This has happened to me before, where I get a mental block about typing some word and almost always screw it up. If I remember correctly, it happened when I was writing my thesis. On some word that was fairly crucial and I used a lot. I'll try to think about what that was... hm. A pain in the ass, is what it was. Anyway. I also took this typing test online today, and found out that I can type 76 words per minute with 95% accuracy. I didn't have to type "Global Center" at all, so that helped.

Mom -- I hope your foot's doing ok! Actually, it's like almost 9am there, so I think I'm going to call you right now. Hi!

Emily -- Thanks for the postcard sweetie! That's awesome, and I'm glad you had such a good time in Austin. I promise, one day, I will send you a postcard from somewhere. Believe me? ;)

Shan -- Keep your head up, honey! Only a few more weeks and then you'll be relaxin in the Caymans, not worrying about statistics!

Jill -- Hope you had a safe trip, yo. Email me when you get a chance, yeah? Have fun in Indonesia!

Adam -- What's up, ho? Hope things are good with Felicia, the family, school, everything... Let's chat this weekend.

And as it turns out, I did forget at least one thing in the mad haul from Jill's -- Persimmon ice wine! Or, as it reads on the internet, eiswein! Haven't opened her up yet, but I'm excited. I did a search for this online, as you may have guessed. There's not a lot of persimmon ice wine to be found, apparently. Seems as though it's a local delicacy... so I'll probably try to save it for a special occasion and let ya'll know how it goes.

Ha... I knew it. "Not much to report," my ass... but I think I'm done now. You stay classy, planet Earth.


jacksonbaby said...

We were talking about how little teachers here get paid and some girl shouted out "You can go to Korea and get paid $60K". Thought it was funny...

Sean said...

That is funny... not entirely accurate, but.... Well, I mean, maybe, since they pay for our housing and we don't have to pay taxes here and the cost of living is quite low, maybe that does come close to approximating a pre-tax 60K salary. Hm... good for me, eh? ;)